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Turn dreams into reality

Meadow Rock Farm was built in 1994. It served as our residence until 2007, and in 2011 it became an organic farm.  Meadow Rock Farm is now available as a vacation rental.

Built as a custom timber frame and made of oak harvested from the Mid-Atlantic region, all of the beams are created with only wood joinery and secured with pegs. As a highlight of the house, the beams form expansive spaces with over 3,500 square feet of living space.  Much of the wood in the house came from the trees on the property: wild cherry kitchen, maple and ash doors, and oak trim throughout the house.

Opt to spend time together inside with ample dining and sitting areas or enjoy the outdoors on the terrace, spacious firepit, and meadow.

Rhett Walls





I love Paris, the beach with our family, beautiful gardens, the desert, and sushi. Thanks to our travels to Europe, we love the feel of feather beds, pillows, and down comforters, so you will find them on our beds at Meadow Rock Farm. Whether you decide to enjoy the privacy and space that Meadow Rock Farm has to offer or add a visit to Historic Saxonburg or Pittsburgh, we are sure you will love your stay!

Jill Walls


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* 4 miles: Succup Nature Park

* 8 miles: Armstrong Farms

* 9 miles: Avenue in Sarver

* 15 miles: Pinehall at Eisler Farm

* 18 miles: The White Barn

* 25 miles: Pittsburgh, a 45-minute drive

899 Rockdale Road
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